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GK95 wrote:

Well, after years of shooting strictly stills, we are now expecting our first child and have decided we want to get a video camera. I don't know much about them or where the reliable information is to be found.

I know the people here have good taste in photography equipment, so I thought I'd ask if any of you have any recommendations on where to find reviews and information on video cameras. A DPReview for video, if you will.

I own a D80 for my still photography, but we are looking for something lower-end in video. Just a basic, consumer-level camera. But as with digital cameras, I'm sure there are some big differences even among the low end video cameras, so I would like a site that gives thorough information. Reading consumer reviews on amazon.com can is not really what I'm after, but that's what 90% of the search results are these days it seems.

Thanks for your time,

Check this out

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