Panasonic GF2 wishlist

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a l b e r t wrote:

1. 1920x1080 24p and 30p video capability

Don't forget us PAL, 25p

2. Stronger/larger built-in flash

Yeah, plus bounce ala LC1/ L1.

3. Swing out LCD (like Canon G10, G11)


4. VGA resolution LCD

Wouldn't hurt

5. EVF like GH1 (better resolution)

The LVF of the G1 would add a lot of bulk, I'd rather have something built into the body.

6. Bigger thumb control dial, like the one on D3/D700 and more positive click

Two dials please...

7. Less sensor noise (improvement by 1 stop would be good), Oly EP-1 seems to have less noise

"Seems" is the key here... Yes, the EP1 seems to be one stop cleaner, but if you do a side by side comparison, you'll see they are exactly the same. Btw. the same goes for your D3, side by side you'll see the difference in ISO rating is much less in the real world.

8. Auto ISO in M mode (auto ISO is in every mode, how come not in M?)

If I can turn it off, I'm not against it

9. Built-in stereo mic (like GH1)


10. External jack for higher quality mic (like GH1)


11. Includes IR remote so one can control the complete playback function of the camera. Using the remote for playing back stills/videos on big screen TV

I'd prefer 2.4 GHz, but any kind of remote would be fine.

12. Better tonal balance (skin tone doesn't look quite right compared to the D3, but I'm still tweaking)

You're shooting JPG?!?!?!?

13. Maybe IS in camera body like Oly.

Not maybe, this is the only deal breaker for me... ;(

And finally, we need a high quality 12-60mm IS lens with aperture better than f/4.


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