DA21 broken into two, advice needed for repair

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Re: DA21 broken into two, advice needed for repair

Judging from your shots, looks like the lock screw that stops the internal assembly from rotating fell out. As a result the lens will separate if rotated in the correct way judging from the shots.

Should be easy to fix if you find a repair centre. Nothing looks broke, but I cant really tell from here.

dieda wrote:


my beloved, always-on, all-purpose lens, the DA21 is after an automatic self-disassemble. Looks now like this:

I hope you will still be able to sleep after seeing this. I see actually no sign of a broken piece, the thing just became wobbly, and after a bit of fiddling it just separated into two. Is it the glue having worn off?

Is it easy to repair? Do I need to send it to the official repair center (that is Hamburg, Germany for me, even though I live in Hungary....) or it is supposed to be a routine job for any skilled photo-repairman?

Any help is appreciated,


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