A pentaxian seeks sensible answers...

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Trevor G Veteran Member • Posts: 6,559
A pentaxian seeks sensible answers...

OK OK, I know that might not be the best way to say hello, but I have asked this question in my own camp and am not satisfied with the answers.

The recent review of the Pentax K7 pits it against the D300, among others.

In one series of ISO200 strips we find a remarkably sharper and clearer D300 result.


In particular I am looking at the Fujitsu label and the almost complete lack of red bleed in the white. The image is sharper, too, and seems to have more contrast.

Can you tell me why, please?

Is it the camera (and if so, why)?

Is it the lens? I would believe that. If so, what lens is it?

Is it because Nikon have a bigger R&D budgetand the D300 is considerably more expensive than the K7?

Is it just the way ACR has been "optimised" for the D300?

I would prefer fact from fiction, but if you can make it funny, then I don't mind that, either, as long as I find the answer!

PS The pentax guys completely missed the fact that red bleed is a product of image processing and not the lens...but please don't tell them I said that.

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