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Re: Yep it's the end... or ?

SandyF wrote:

Right Richard, I have to laugh that all the business development 'experts' of this thread would just love to know Sigma's 5-year Foveon sensor development roadmap.
Am I surprised Sigma doesn't spell it out publicly?

Actually ... here I dont agree.

We are currently waiting for SD15 - a camera we know will use the same sensor. Most - but not all - here think this sux. A 4.7 MP sensor in a DP camera is OK - but not in a DSLR IMHO. And - as far as we know - they may be going on using the same sensor for many years to come, in both DP3 and SD16 and even SD20 and DP9.

I think that some here eventually will lose patience - at least I will.

So - if Sigma has a road map for sensors - I really think thats what is needed to keep the loyal fans. At least if the road map is aggressive - i.e. if it contains interesting sensors in the not so very far future.

If they keep it secret - then anyone can speculate and this is only good for Sigma if they dont have an aggressive road map. So ... then naturally the speculations will be that they dont. And in that case - Sigma and Foveon is not all that interesting any more.

I have been here for some time and also before that at news:rec.photo.digital since maybe year 2000 or so. If Sigma keeps spawning 4.7 MP cameras at a slow pace and gives no information regarding their future plans - then I think I will consider Sigma totally uninteresting pretty soon.

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