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You are wrong about so many things

Ma55l wrote:

OK, I recalled 7 FPS but in reality that is the crop mode? Thanks for the correction. 5 is the normal speed with one battery - what about with two batteries??

The D3x only does 1.5 fps in 14 bits. The D3x only uses one battery; there is no compartment for a second battery.

In other replies to me you wrote:

I have used the a900 for about three hours at two different stores. I took about 100 image files at various isos but mostly high.

Very funny, I see that you think that makes you qualified. You don't even know what a viewfinder is.

Be appraised that the sensors are identical and Nikon has even admitted to that in one of their press conferences.

It is not a defective sensor/processor that Sony retains for the a900/850 only one that is slightly less well designed or possibly Nikon gets the pick of the crop.

Your rambling is beyond absurd, and if Sony is reading this they are laughing at you (as are many of us). Make up your mind, are the sensors in the D3x and A900 identical, or aren't they? You don't know, and that's obvious from those two snips.

Because of Sony's expertise in sensor manufacturing, their extensive resources, their personelle in design and manufacturing I would think it is quite reasonable to assume that Sony could do as good a job or better than the far smaller, lower resource pool and personelle, at Nikon.

You don't have a clue. Sony and Nikon collaborate on sensor designs; if Nikon wasn't making DX cameras for years, all of Sony's expertise in sensors would be for those tiny sensors used in P&S cameras. Nikon has been making cameras for much longer than Sony has, and Nikon makes more of them -- so why would you think Sony has more engineering resources and expertise than Nikon does in this regard? Perhaps because believing that Sony is being deliberately bad reinforces your kooky conspiracy theory.
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