Please help Colour Blind Photographer with Gels

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Please help Colour Blind Photographer with Gels i've got your attention, i'll clarify that statement and say that i'm not fully colour blind. I have a red-green deficiency which means that I struggle discerning certain shades of red and green.

Anyway, i bought some Gels, mainly because I wanted some orangey ones to simulate golden light. However I got 16 of them. I have read here and there that certain colours are good for certain lighting conditions ie some are good to balance out incandescant lighting, or tungsten..etc.

I have not been able to find a definitive list of what colours are good for what scenarios, and more importantly, even if I did, i do not know how to match that colour to my gel due to R-G Deficiency.

Subsequently, can i humbly ask for help with the following:

1) Based on the attached picture, what are each of these colour gels number 1-16.

2) What are each of those gels good for. (i'm happy if someone can just provide a link to me)

hopefully the photo is accurate. My wife helped me group them and i did a preset White Balance for the photo. Just to explain how I see things. I see these as colours no issue, however 1&2 look the same to me, as does 7&8. The other colours are clearly different from each other, but what colour that is is hard. ie To me, 6 could be biege, or pink, or green. I know it's not pink though but only because I can compare it to 11. Similarly 13, could be blue, although I think it's green

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