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Re: Quotations require acknowledgement

Hi ardwaark7 -

I dont much care about attributing any qoutation as its a more or less universal truth that has become verbalised.
And who are you to tell who cooked it down to an essence ?

Just u be happy that you have enough intellect to understand it as most intellectuals make the mistake of equalling intellectual with intelligent.

not to start a flamer here about that, but itll be up to anyone who finds it valuable to act upon it if so...

and being pompous, well, Ill follow your thread and learn from a master.

aardvark7 wrote:

Normally one attributes quotations, otherwise it doesn't look good. Sort of like pretending to be an intellectual philosopher, disseminating wisdom to the masses...

I cannot recall the origin of the phrase you posted, but I'm sure someone here will know.

p.s. at the risk of appearing completely pompous, you need to correct your signature, as the spelling should be 'speechless', not 'speachless'.

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Get busy living, or get busy dying...

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I dont want to say a 1000 words or more about any image that does not leave me speachless.

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