16GB SanDisk Extreme Pro from ebay safe?

Started Oct 2, 2009 | Discussions thread
skrubol Contributing Member • Posts: 927
If you do buy..

Make sure you have a UDMA card reader so you can properly benchmark it. Counterfeits are rarely as fast as the real thing. Also test it by filling the card and making sure nothing gets corrupted. Another common counterfeit trick is to change something in an 8GB card to make it show 16GB capacity. The moment you write more than 8GB though things go to hell.

But I wouldn't recommend putting that kind of money on the line. Some of the accounts with good feedback didn't get that feedback legitimately. Sometimes accounts are stolen, and sometimes they fraudulently boost their feedback by having other fake accounts buy things (with no actual money transacted except for the ebay fee,) and giving good feedback.
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