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tatala wrote:

How do I set my D80 on the Shutter setting of Bulb so that I can keep the lens open for an unlimited amount of time? I have rotated the shutter speed dial all the way down and I don't see it listed in the different times, should it be there?

You can have unlimited shutter open time with film but not digital cameras.
There are, however, ways to obtain very long shutter times, such as:

  • Hold down the shutter button in Bulb mode. This is the least attractive proposition.

  • Use the ML-L3 wireless remote. With the camera in Bulb mode, and set for the IR remote, the first press will open the shutter, and the second will close it. I believe there is a 30 minute limit.

  • Use the MC-DC1 wired remote. The button on the remote can be locked to hold the shutter open. I believe it will stay open until the camera battery dies.

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