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Re: Nikon D400 books by Gradias, Michael

Alex McLeod wrote:

A D400 in November '09 would be a great way for Nikon to really upset D300s owners whose cameras would be 'obsolete' after only a few months.

Er... A D400 at any time would upset anyone who'd recently bought a D300.

Just like the D300 would've upset anyone with a new D200 at the time.

The release of a D400 wouldn't upset me if I'd recently purchased a D300 or D300s. It's up to the buyer to do their research prior to buying to see if anything new is on the way. It's not like Nikon give no warning that new products are about to be announced. My point was that bringing out a new model so soon after the release of the D300s would be a real slap in the face to D300s buyers. A new camera only a few months after releasing the D300s? This didn't happen with the D200 to D300 or D300 to D300s. There were a couple of years between these models. It's been my experience that camera stores tell you to hold off buying if a new and therefore more expensive, more profit for them model is being released. On the flipside there are the stores that will try to unload stock of an about to be replaced model on customers who aren't aware of upcoming models. Caveat emptor.

I'm not going to say it's likely, but I think it's not that unlikely , if you get my drift.

I know what you mean But, so soon after the D300s it would be a shocker. Canon knew they needed to update their 40D and the 50D came out only a year later. A lot of people were very surprised at a new model being released when the 40D had been on the market such a short time. Nikon doesn't have a great reputation for being considerate to their customers but I think it'll be a while before we see the D400. Certainly not in the next few months.

Still, I think a D400 is much likelier to arrive next year, because (again, if I were Nikon), the Canon 7D would've upset my D400 plans. Leapfrog is a highly competitive sport!

Yes whatever stage of development they are at with the D400 (assuming there will be a D400. there's been no official confirmation. Or did I miss that?) the 7D has probably had some impact on what the specs will be. As you say leapfrog.

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