Some (master)pieces from Vienna :-)

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Some (master)pieces from Vienna :-)

Today in the morning I left for my very first day at my new job in Vienna. I took my sister's crappy Nikon Coolpix S520 and these are the shots I was able to do before and after work on my way from/to Bratislava.

This little camera really is a piece of crap :-), AF is extremely slow, manual focus not possible at all and already ISO 400 is very noisy, but this is a 100 EUR point&shoot camera so I was prepared for it.

I really would like to replace my 5D with a smaller camera now - because one is not able to simply grab the 5D and put it in your pocket, because even with a small prime lens, it is still quite large and very heavy.

Maybe the new Panasonic GF1 with a 40mm and 90mm (equivalent) lenses is the answer !

I tried to only add colour where I thought it makes sence and tried to focus on composition (rule of thirds, foreground-middleground-background etc. instead).

Anyway, take a look at my shots and please (Peter) destroy me with your critique...

01) Impressionism. This one is actually from yesterday - my 84-years old grandma in her garden

02) This one is really abstract. Very early in the morning - beautiful girl without face....btw have a look at the "dark entity" on the right

03) An unknown austrian girl on her way to work...

04) Fat Bottom Girl(s)

05) ??

06) Korean lady (I suppose) with her cute daughter

07) Unknown lady in the subway...

08) ...just noticed I was taking photographs

09) I really like this one - Peter (Dumont), I "analyzed" some of your work and tried to replicate your famous "shift-the-horizont" technique

10) Kebab bitte !

11) Punk ?

12) ...

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