Just starting to play with 7d - a few quick thoughts...

Started Oct 1, 2009 | Discussions thread
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SteveDude Senior Member • Posts: 2,485
Just starting to play with 7d - a few quick thoughts...

I only have a few minutes before a conf call, but there are already some things (not even photo-related) that I really love (compared with 50d).

1) There's more of a thumb detent, which makes it easier to hold snugly

2) The light button has been moved to be the nearest button on the top which to me always seemed like where it should be (in the dark, you can now quickly find the button since it's the nearest one to your index finger)

3) The buttons on the left are nicely detented and should be easy to find by feel if necessary.

4) As has been said previously (by me even), the AF options are HUGE and really will take time to figure out.
5) It's awesome that you can register which AF modes you want to cycle through.

6) Video isn't easy but it's addicting. It's georgeous too played straight to HDTV from the cam.

Sorry gotta go!

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