7d: Pop-up flash master/slave works...check

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Re: 7d: Pop-up flash master/slave works...check

Hi Julio,

First thanks again for your info, it's going to be a little while before I can justify buying a 7D - but I am drooling as you can probably tell.
You are a little off target with this comment;

"..and I assume that it's not doing it with the pre-flash in ETTL mode since it also can conrol remote flashes and optical slaves in manual mode--it would need to do it during the actual flash for that.."
The best Canon info on that issue is on page 2 of this Canon site;

..it's well worth a quick read, including the diagramic representation of 'pre-flash'.

Under both ETTL/Autoflash and Canon Manual Wireless all of the control (except the actual triggering) is handled within the 'pre-flash exchange'. In fact for Canon Manual Wireless, it's not strictly an exchange because the pre-flash communication is only one-way. HTH

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