7d: Pop-up flash master/slave works...check

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Re: 7d: Pop-up flash master/slave works...check

..in fact Julio,
I’m intrigued.

With other Canon masters there is in fact a 'trigger-flash'. (I'm not referring to ‘pre-flash’, nor ‘capture-flash’, but ‘trigger-flash’.) It’s extremely weak – weaker than the Nikon equivalent. IOW with the master set to taking/capture flash ‘disabled’ there is still a minute amount of master flash visible in the capture. With other Canon masters the only reliable way to see this, is to make the camera capture itself, complete with master flash tube, in a mirror. Set master to capture-flash ‘disabled’, don’t have a live slave anywhere near, and closely examine the (very underexposed) capture. With your new 'built-in' 7D master, is there absolutely, positively NO light coming from the built-in master flash tube, in such a mirror based capture?
If so, that is a first.

Thank you for humouring a strobo-nerd! Cheers
(Sorry, this post clashed with your reply above. Tx!)

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