7D: HALF an f stop better at high ISOs. Not 1 or two.

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7D: HALF an f stop better at high ISOs. Not 1 or two.

This board has gone nuts with 7D mania. Its affecting people's judgment.

People are openly stating that the 7D is 2 stops better for high ISO noise than the 50D and that it rivals the 5DMKII for IQ !

I believe a lot of these statements are being made because of of an explosion of pixel peeping coupled with an unheralded amount of semi scientific rationalization.

This behavior totally reminds me of hifi enthusiasts who claim that Class A amplifiers and Monster cables result in better blah blah blah.

You wanna know how good a camera is ? Take test shots, print them and ask your friends and family to judge the image quality.

But they aren't a pro photographer like you ? I know ! They just have good eyes !

And isn't the purpose of our "work" to make prints for others to look at ? You are worried that their eyes won't tell them what your pixel peeping has told you ? Yes, welcome to the real world !

I think Imaging Resource does the best job of anyone at assessing image quality. Because they actually work from prints and make comments and judgments based on print quality. Imagine that !

Furthermore, they post this information and the images themselves when they do a PREVIEW, so its available immediately when a camera is released. Their shooting conditions are tightly controlled and they publish a wide, wide variety of test shots. What more could you ask for !

I highly recommend that some of you download these images, print them and then ask your friends to tell you what looks good and what doesn't. It might be enlightening.

Don't have the time or money to do the printing ? Then read IR's comments. See the Print Quality sections on these pages:




Wanna know how many stops better the 7D is than the 50D ?

"At higher ISOs, the Canon 7D's images held up very well, gaining perhaps a half an f-stop of performance over those from the EOS 50D before it."

A HALF an f stop. Not 1, not 2. HALF.

Yes, the 7D has more resolution. IR covers that too. The 7D will make sharp 20x30 prints with some unsharp masking. A 50D will make sharp 16x20s and the 40D 16x20s are a little soft.

Based on the hysteria on this board, I am anticipating a huge increase in demand for large format photo printing. The largest print I've ever made is 12x16.

Wanna know about high ISO printing ? They cover that too.

At ISO 1600 the 7D shots were "pretty good, albeit with some visible noise in areas of flat midtone tint." For the 50D they said: "For 13x19 inch prints, ISO 1,600 was about the limit." and for the 40D they said "ISO 1,600 shots were slightly soft but quite usable at 13x19 inches."

So NONE of these cameras produced great 13x19 images at ISO1600.

Wanna know what they said about the 5DMKII ?

"Exceptional print quality, good color, sharp 24x36 inch prints from camera JPEGs (with a little unsharp masking)." 24x36 from in camera JPEGS ! And they underlined the work Exceptional.

As well as: "High-ISO shots are surprisingly clean, ISO 6,400 is good up to about 13x19, albeit with a little noise in the shadows and some loss of subtle subject detail."

ISO 6400 is 2 stops better than ISO 1600 for the 7D, 50D and 40D.


Message to board: stop peeping and start printing. Or just read the IR print quality comments.

Have a good day.

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