7D... my thoughts

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7D... my thoughts

Well i got the 7D yesterday and was finally able to play around with it. I upgraded from the 50D. Fortunately I managed to get 1000 for it which gave me the chance to get this guy. AF is good. I will say this. If you are using spot AF you better be using it with good light. At lower lighting conditions the other AF modes catch on great, even better then the 50D but spot AF just cant grab anything in low light. The zones are great but I still prefer choosing the spot myself since AF can still focus on something you dont want it too (especially at a low aperture). That said, I was fine with the AF in the 50D and didnt need the AF in the 7D.

ISO performance is better then the 50D. Its noticeable and for once I will be able to go to 3200 with this thing. The biggest difference is the lack of banding which is just down right beautiful. I hated the 50D for its banding problems. There were some people that said they put it through certain programs and got rid of that and told me that it was too bad I didnt know about those sooner. Frankly, I dont like processing that much. I want my shots to look good enough out of the camera to spend less time on things like noise reductions. and no, i dont have NR on and I shoot in raw.

Ergonomics are great. I get a slightly better grip then the 50D but my hands are small and so I think the 7D's grip might be smaller then the 50D.

Going to 100% viewfinder made no difference. The intellegent viewfinder is too cluttered imo but fortunately, unlike the 50D, you can shut off all of the display and make it so that the only thing showing is the AF point that you have chosen (or nothing in auto AF which is funny to see).

Wireless flash is amazing. There was a post earlier about a guy who said the onboard flash was getting in the way. He must not have put it on the right settings. To test it, I turned off the lights and wirelessly connected to my 430EXII and 580EXII. I took some shots with them at different angles and the on board flash didnt seem to interfere so to make sure i placed the flashes outside of my room and fired once more. Of course, the on board flash did fire a preflash to give a signal to the other flashes but since they were not there, they didnt fire and my picture was completely black. that means the onboard flash doesnt interfere, just read the manual, it tells you!!!

video is just amazing. absolutely amazing. i got a friend who has a 1300 dollar camcorder and after he saw this he was mad. i mean who cares if you dont NEED it, you should definitely want it. it doesnt hurt to have this baby on this camera and im amazed it performs so well with it. definitely makes me want to be a videographer.

going to 8fps doesnt mean much to me, i shoot salsa dances and i guess a couple more a sec couldnt hurt, gives you a slightly better chance of getting the shot.

please feel free to ask me any question and i will be happy to try to answer them as best as i can. i will say this, unless you want wireless flash and great video, paying 600 more for the 7D might not be for you, stick to the 50D. when it comes to noise the 7D is better, especially when it comes to the banding. its not, however 600 dollars better, its marginally better. the 5d mark ii is still the better noise killer but by how much? i dont see 1000 dollars worth of noise killing. heck, i dont see 1000 dollars worth of noise killing plus losing all those features. if you can do without the wide angle and with slightly more noise, the 7D is a better choice.

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