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Re: What did they do with the conservatory of flowers!?

Yes, the glass is painted with a special greenhouse paint to reflect
light since every plant inside would roast in the high heat generated
by the 'greenhouse effect'. Many of the plants inside are tropical and
the days near the equator where they are from are much shorter than
summer days farther north. Full sun would kill all but desert cacti inside
this greenhouse.

This was the first time I've been able to see the inside. On previous visits
over the last 30 years, the conservatory was in such disrepair that it was
closed to the public. Nice to see it all restored after so long. Amusingly,
this glass structure suffered only minor damage in the 1906 quake that
destroyed most of San Francisco. As the city burned around it, Golden
Gate Park became a refuge for survivors who camped there for months

Wikipedia has a nice section on the structure...a rare wooden conservatory.


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