Another harebrained scheme to make 4/3 more popular?

Started Sep 22, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Four Thirds may yet be dominant

...In its micro version. I have started the thread in the m43 forum and it seems likely by many that the m43 has enough critical mass that it is too late for anybody else to produce a competing format, due to the entrenchment that m43 has, and will have when any competitor comes out.


With this in mind, I reckon that there is more reason for Olympus and others to loosen their control on the conventional 4/3 standard - 'open source' it. They will be more than busy developing and selling micro 4/3 for them to be concerned as to what direction conventional 4/3 takes. With suitable smart adaptors the a rejuvenated 4/3 mount may yet dominate the 'small sensor' proper SLR market by poaching customers already invested a bit in the other brands.

The conventional 35mm film derived SLR systems may then be left only with the market for full frame sensors.


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