The D300 is amazingly tough

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Re: The D300 is amazingly tough

I have camera armor on my D300. It certainly has it's good points and bad points.

First of all let me tell you about the bottom. When I first got it I thought to myself “Gee this bottom seems like it’s going to fall off all the time. Well, guess what? It keeps falling off all the time. Actually that’s not true anymore. I glued on a couple of Velcro straps and that solved the issue. You do not use the bottom if you are using an over priced battery back but I am not. Secondly I am no longer able to view the quality setting on the control panel on top of the camera. There is a piece of the camera armor that gets in the way so I have to turn on the back panel to confirm or change that setting. It is a bit cumbersome to remove and replace the battery as well.

Now for some positive observations. It does do what it is designed to do. Although I have not bumped it excessively since installing it last Christmas I’m sure it would be much better off with the armor in place. I do tend to “man handle” my camera at time and it does give me a bit of extra confidence that I won’t be damaging it. The fit is quite nice and it’s nice to hold on to. I do have larger hands and I wonder if it would be so nice for someone with smaller sized hands. Now about that cumbersome bottom piece. I really like it when I mount my D300 on a tripod. Being rubber it had a really good grip. Very nice when you rotate the camera with a longer lens on it.

In conclusion. Do I recommend it? Based on the information I have provided you and everything you can obtain from everyone else the final decision is yours. I would purchase one again but that may not be true for everyone.

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