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SDM Lenses

Ok, so I checked with Pentax Canada.

They have failure rate data. They just don't share it.

Not entirely unexpected.

That said, the best way to diffuse angst is with facts. If Pentax USA, Canada, or global (this is a world wide forum after all) would share their data with us, I suspect it would do more good than harm.

Pentax is undergoing a cultural change, as a consequence of having been bought out by Hoya. Maybe this will lead to more transparency. Let's hope so.

Keep in mind that every publicly traded company is constrained in what it can say. If you own shares in that company, you want that.

That said, what do you want to know about SDM lens issues? Here's a short list of what I'd like to know:

1) MTBF (mean time between failures)
2) MABF (mean focus attempts between failure) [deals with infrequent users]
3) Pie chart of failure categories
4) Type of problem (assembly, design, part choice, etc)
5) Serial #'s affected (if relevant)
6) Root cause analysis conclusions

I don't want to brag, but here in the Great White North we get a two year warranty. Did that happen because we got a boat load or two of substandard product? I don't know.

What do I know?

1) Your vendor is, or should be, your first line of defense

2) If you're spending what you consider to be 'a lot' of money, then look at an extended warranty.

3) if your product from anyone, anywhere, fails outside of warranty, and you do not have an extended warranty, don't look for a lot of sympathy anywhere. Your product survived the warranty period. The manufacturer met their obligations. After that it is up to you. Deal with it.

4) If you believe #3 is unfair, discuss it with your retailer. That, at the end of the day, is why they exist.

4a) Don't beat your retailer up if you refused the extended warranty. That was your choice, it was a gamble, it always is.

5) Realize that your old ideas about things like extended warranties may not apply to this sector, irregardless of brand.

I am monitoring this issue. I own 3 SDM lenes and the response, if any, from Pentax, will influence my decision to buy more.

That said, I have to say, I have focus charts. I have tested my lenses. They are all, so far, so good. No back focus, front focus, or hocus pocus focus. With the K7 I could adjust them if I needed to, I just don't need to.

In short, they just work. Kinda like all my other Pentax stuff......

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