XS/1000D : the best for starting real photography !!

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XS/1000D : the best for starting real photography !!

I have been using my Rebel XS (a.k.a 1000D) for two weeks.

This is my first impressions and some shoots.

First of all i have to say that i learned very many things from my first digital camera Fujiflm S7000 Zoom (it has manual settings). But, of course, It has limitations.

After buying Rebel XS two weeks ago i saw that it is much easier to obtain the same special effects by my new camera.

I can summarise my experiences as follows :

1. AF is very fast and accurate.

2. Low light performance is very good (by the time i will be better. I don't like using flash. i love natural light so low light performance is very important for me).

3. Very fast, you only have to compose your picture after that just press the button. You can not understand how many shoots you took in a short time.

4. Usage is very easy you do not have to think much about manual settings of advanced photograpy - for the beginning at least (just set ISO and White Balance to Auto).
5. Using P mode is very very easy and useful for learning.

6. Very light so that professionals do not accept it as a starting DSLR (they recommend 450D). But for me it is an advantage because i have neck problems and i do not want to carry heavier camera.

Even my wife realised the difference between our previous camera and this one.

I think it is the best camera for this price range that one can develop his/her photography with a DSLR.

These are just a few samples that i want to share with you :

I love my Rebel XS.


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