GF1+14-45: US Shipping yet?

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mpgxsvcd: therefore Panasonic has NOT shipped ANY to ANY of their retailers yet?

mpgxsvcd wrote:

Actually they have not even shipped to Amazon yet. No one has received anything related to the GF1 from amazon yet. A few people have received them in the states from panasonic/shopatron.

wow, mpgxsvcd. if your info/market intelligence is accurate, then it means that Panasonic has not shipped ANY GF1 stock to ANY of their retailers/e-tailers yet?

this is outrageous. unless Panasonic has a "direct-to-consumer" business model, a la Dell, this makes no sense whatsoever.

obviously, we all know that Panasonic does NOT have a direct-to-consumer business model, then this means that they are poorly run?

i'm going to hold firm on my pre-order from a local, nyc retailer. i'm only in a 1-day UPS shipping zone from them (their warehouse is in Queens, i'm in Manhattan). returns are relatively easy via one subway ride. there is no restocking fee. i've purchased many items from them over the course of many years.

i see little benefit to order, at this late stage, from Panasonic direct as there appears to be more frustrated "wanna be customers" who, apparently, Panasonic is not "allowing" to be a customer (at least for a while, making many wait longer than what is indicated on their website!). well, i "wanna be" a Panasonic direct customer too!! hey, but not if they are going to cause more stomach acid for me! that much work?? i'm going to stick to my current pre-order and keeping my fingers crossed. it just seems to be the most sensible course of action considering that none of the other alternatives appear to be problem-free!

sigh. this is a sure sign of a poorly run company! this reminds me of Xerox inventing a cool, fun "gadget" called the "mouse" and making 25 prototypes, donating them to Stanford University's computer labs, and mothballing the brilliant idea. 15 years later? Apple took the idea and made the "mouse" a ubiquitous, daily tool in most of our lives.

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