So, who would buy an 85/1.8?

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gillbod Senior Member • Posts: 1,598
Re: So, who would buy an 85/1.8?

i would love one of these.

the 85mm zeiss is both a bit big, and a bit expensive for me. i don't need tack sharp photos wide open. i'm generally at 1600 before i go below 2.8, and at that stage, it's more noise that's annoying my image that lens sharpness anyway, so i'm happy to have it a bit softer wide open than the cz 1.4

i think it's important that these threads crop up, so that sony's marketing chaps can pick up on the huge demand for cheaper sony primes.

while we're at it, who'd like to see a sony version of minolta's 100mm f2? i certainly would love that lens, and would pay a fair bit for a sony version.

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