PBase Deathblow

Started Sep 26, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Gunnar Horpestad
Gunnar Horpestad New Member • Posts: 16
PBase Deathblow

Pbase has been down for more than 3 days now.
I think that this is the DEATHBLOW for PBase.

PBase will NEVER EVER be the same as it has been.

The PBase support is and I think will always be horrifying.
There is ALWAYS somthing that's out of service.
PBase do NOT have any power back-up (UPS system).

Sorry Slug, but this time you have blown everything to pieces .

I will recommend all PBase user to do the pbase grabber when PBase is up and running again.
Grab all your photos, and move them to somewhere else.

There are many other web-pages out there that do have the support and that DO NOT have all these hickups that PBase has.

I have been a PBase user for many years, but my patience is over.
This is it, over and out, and see you later at another web-page for photos.

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! Never look back and regret,
look back and smile at what you have learned !

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