Old AF280T works nicely with manual lenses!

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Ari Aikomus
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Old AF280T works nicely with manual lenses!


At this moment I have tight budget what comes to photography equipments. So I have several cheap (but overall quite good) manual primes with my K20D, and also "not so expensive" Dörr P-TTL flash with it. It works OK with my AF lenses (though not support HSS).

Anyway my recent second hand purchase is old Pentax P50 body which came with Pentax-A 50/2 lens and Pentax AF280T flash ( not bad deal - all this stuff 50$ total ;-)).

Pentax A-50/2 is nice lens and it works also with my Dörr P-TTL flash - of course as it's A serie lens.

...BUT Pentax AF280T flash was really positive surprise for me ! As it's auto thyristor flash, it operate comfortable easy way with my fully manual lenses ! With Dörr flash I have to use its manual settings with manual lenses, and it's not always so handy...But AF280T's auto (thyristor) mode set a new level of usability for me what comes to flash photography with these manual lenses! Nice ;-D.

I noticed that auto thyristor mode is iincredibly reliable even with very different like lenses, like Zenitar 16/2.8 fish-eye or Panagor 55/3 macro lens.

And of course AF280T has a Bounce/Swivel head...lol. Yep - it's my favourite toy now.

That's all this time - happy shootings,


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