G11 Optical Zoom in Movies

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Re: Don't think so...

tomjar wrote:

Well, all I can say is that I sure hope you're right! A few days ago there was a thread in which somebody was asking the same question about S90. And in reply somebody else cited S90 manual saying that only digital zoom was available. I was not paying attention, because I am more interested in G11, but I would think this feature will be the same in both cameras.

That was me....and the conclusion was found on page 163, stating you can't use optical zoom,during video

But page 32 had me thinking (like the OP ,) that you could..and in that section,it never mentioned digital zoom....I was sure ,it could zoom,during video.....but another poster (helimech ) directed me to page 163....and the truth came out !

Reading all the pages (who has time)....reveals page 32 was reffering to digital zoom..... so probably same ,for G11.....no optical zoom,during video

Bad wording,on canon's part,me thinmks...to have a few of us fooled...


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