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Gunnar Horpestad
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Re: It's now limped back OUT of service again


PBase has been down for approx 48 hours now, and I think this is the deathblow for PBase.

Many PBase members, including me, will look for other alternative web pages to put our pictures.

Lousy service, slowness and there are always, every day, some of the built-in-funktions that are out of service.

Sorry Slug, but this is 2009, and this kind of every day hiccups are not acceptable.

Tony Sx wrote:

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

. . . I'm trying to be patient with this situation. What about an
email explanation from pbase? Are we just supposed to keep hoping
that all will be well again? And when?

Right now I can't get at anything in Pbase, so even if they did post an explanation....

. . . . I've been looking into Zenfolio today and I like what I see
so far.

When Pbase had all that downtime about 10 months ago I jumped to Zenfolio and haven't regretted it. One interesting thing with Zenfolio is that if you try it out, you get the full professional package - so you can upload any size images... If you then elect for the 'basic' package - max 12 meg image size - the images you uploaded during the test don't disappear nor are they reduced in any way.

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