D700 VF out of focus when battery out

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Re: D700 VF out of focus when battery out


My apologizes
so the camera is powered but not...on

KVirtanen wrote:

The camera needs to be on to give you a clear view through the viewfinder.

Not actually... The camera needs the battery inside it to give me sharp image through the viewfinder, be it on or off (D700 is never fully off, though). I don't have to turn the camera on to e.g. try different angles and focus when shooting. I turn the camera on when I need to take a picture.

BUT. As soon as I take out the battery, the once sharp, correctly focused view finder image blurs and dims. Try it out

It surprised me because I had never looked through the viewfinder when there's no battery inside the camera.

Why is that? What is moving inside the camera to cause that?

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