Got a repair estimate for my 3 faulty SDM lenses ....

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I'm glad with your actions John , I really am...

By the way , surely th internet exposed and make it much bigger but speaking of your truck, what when you have 3 trucks and all 3 have the same problem and don't drive ?



JohnCPentax wrote:

As I mentioned, we are still looking into the issue.

As far a turning the camera off during lens changes, I would recommend this anyway. It will help reduce the probability of dust entering the camera (no power=less static attraction).

As far as the polls are concerned, I recall one post pointing out that a strong majority of people haven't had a problem, while people that are having an issue are more likely to express their concerns, search out others with similar opinions, and as is the case in the internet world, complain multiple times to try to be heard.

As an example, I had a truck (won't mention that brand) whose transmission went out soon after the warranty expired. I searched the internet and found many complaints about the same truck and mileage. When I mentioned this to the transmission shop, they looked at me like I was an idiot and gently explained the you can find whatever you want to if you look hard enough.

This taught me a good lesson. The silent, overwhelming majority are having a positive experience with their product, while the extremely vocal minority spend what seems to be an excessive amount of time and effort making their voice heard.
John C.

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