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Re: Just got my delivery date

I did the same thing, I ordered the pancake on 22nd nite. I got my 20mm kit yesterday! (cool, cuz I am from LA).

Now still waiting for the 45-200mm lens....

Panasonic site is odd. I never get any email confirmation on this order.

Ednaz wrote:

I ordered the GF-1 with pancake, and a 45-200, from's employee purchase site (relationship between my company and Panasonic) last week. My purchase confirmation said the GF would ship "late september" but the 45-200 would ship in 7-10 days. Yesterday got an email confirming that my GF-1 shipped yesterday... and it gave my date of delivery as 9/27. Now THAT is definitely wrong... as if UPS will work Sundays. But I suppose I'll have it mid-next-week.

The 45-200 still shows as 7-10 days. I was worried I'd have the long zoom and be waiting for the camera, which I think is an exquisite form of torture... but it appears I'll get the camera first, much preferable.

I really don't want to buy the 7-14mm zoom from Japan, but can't find any domestic US sources. I want my wide!

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