Macro lenses Canon 100mm / 180mm macros vs Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x Macro Lens

Started Sep 23, 2009 | Discussions thread
Steve Balcombe Forum Pro • Posts: 12,215
Re: ANother question

Ro13 wrote:

Why is that? I mean...why isn't 180mm on one lens the same as 180mm on another...or in this case the macro (if your F's are the same)?

The macro lens focuses closer.

"Magnification" isn't used in the same way as for telescopes and binoculars. It means the ratio between the size of the image on the sensor and the size of the subject. As you get closer, the "magnification" increases.

A closer-focusing lens has a greater maximum magnification, but if you used two 180 mm lenses at the same subject distance, the magnification would be the same.

Two different macro lenses, say a 60 mm and a 180 mm, might have the same maximum magnification of 1:1 - but the 60 mm lens has to be much closer to the subject.

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