G11 Optical Zoom in Movies

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Steveasub wrote:

Have I got this right?

According to the G11 manual it probably does allow optical zoom in movie mode. From the 'Shooting Movies' chapter:
"You can also zoom in and out with the zoom lever during shooting"

They don't specifically tell you that it's optical zoom, but it probably is because it also says that "Operational sounds will be recorded in the movie" and this is likely to be the zoom or AF motor noise.

I would prefer zoom to be available even if you can hear the motor - it's good to have the choice. Though of course it would be even better to have really quiet motors!

But what the lord giveth, the lord taketh away, and the optical zoom may be almost useless in practice because the manual also states:

"If you change the composition of your shot during shooting, the focus will stay the same but the brightness and tone will automatically adjust"

So yes you can zoom, but your subjects must be relatively still. So no sports day videos then!
The G11 seems to have a very limited movie mode...

If you know better, please let me know!


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