SX200 or SD980??

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Re: SX200 or SD980??

Echo3x wrote:

I am looking to purchase a new camera and have had positive experiences with Canon. I am debating between the SX200 and the SD980.

If you're considering the SX200, and if you're interested in a wider wide end, I'd recommend taking DPReview's advice, and check out the Panasonic ZS3 instead.

I recently did some horse-trading and traded my ZS3 away -- "I can always go get another one." But, when the time came to head into the store, I figured I'd give the SX200 a shot, instead. Oh, man. It's not even close. I just want a long-zoom camera to have sitting in a bag, for when I need it, while I use a pocket camera for most of my shooting. And the SX200 will suffice for that. But, as a bigger-yet-still-pocketable, all-around camera, the ZS3 just shines. It's great fun to use, while the SX200 is, well, "a load."

The image quality isn't really that far off between the two cameras -- I was more than happy with the ZS3's "vivid" color mode, and the SX200 has good, old "Canon color." But I'm talking more about routine, everyday handling -- the ZS3 is just "more inviting" -- "more fun." It just fits in the hand better, has a better screen, and so on -- it's just a joy to use. I'd easily recommend it to anyone who might be interested in one of the "pocket superzooms."

Tom Hoots

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