SX200 or SD980??

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Re: SX200 or SD980??

Echo3x wrote:

I am looking to purchase a new camera and have had positive experiences with Canon. I am debating between the SX200 and the SD980. As far as IQ goes, I am not sure which one would be better. I like the more manual controls on the SX200, but the SD980 has the wider angle lens.

Between the two, which would be the better pick?


I personally don't really think too much of either one of them, unfortunately. I have the SD980 and although it is nice for the range, it is really small and a little hard to handle. The image quality is passable, but somehow doesn't live up to my expectations.

My G10, my SX10 IS, my SD990 IS, or even my SX110 ....they all shine with Canon image quality and color. But the more I use the SD980, the more I think I'm going to sell it. The SX200 is a lot larger the SD980. It's a compact super-zoom. I've never used it so I really can't comment on it other than to say it didn't do too well the DPreview's compact super zoom review.


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