SX200 or SD980??

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Re: SX200 or SD980??

I too am a long time Canon fan going back to SLR days. And, I have an sx200 that I like for its manual controls and wide zoom range and generally good IQ. But, it has it limits, including mediocre low light performance. If I don't plan to need extreme the extreme zoom range, I carry the Panasonic LX-3 with an f2.0 24 - 60mm lens. The F2.8 lens of the SD980 only lets in half the light of an f 2.0 lens of the LX3. However, if you don't need manual controls or great low light performance, the SD980 is probably a great choice.
You can read more about the LX3 here.

Unfortunately, IMHO, Canon doesn't really have anything to compete with the LX3 unless the S90 turns out to be better than preliminary reports I have seen. And, it does not have HD video.

If video is at all important to you, both the LX3 and the the SD980 do HD video as does the SX200.

IN any case, go to a camera store and handle the cameras you are considering. Check size, weight, controls, etc. and take lots of pics on your own SD card and go home and compare features and pictures and decide.
Good luck,

Mike G.

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