I thought third party batteries didn't work for the G1?

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Re: corporate greed

fsmith wrote:

Because it isn't verifiable.

Like most car batteries? Laptop batteries? Phone batteries?

The question is how many warranty repairs on those things are performed due to faulty batteries. I don't know, but I do know manufacturers have, on and off, claimed very high numbers. Of course, they may well be making excuses.

And no, you can't trust the customer blindly . Some customers will try to screw you. If enough of them try it, you might be inclined to protect yourself.

I'm not defending Panasonic; I think they have made the wrong decision here. However, its not like they are suddenly going to be making millions selling batteries. I think the characterization as it being purely to screw the customer on an extra battery purchase to be rather over-done, though I will admit the thought may have crossed their mind.

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