I thought third party batteries didn't work for the G1?

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Re: corporate greed

P. Kierstead wrote:

fsmith wrote:

This came up in discussions before and is not the case. Damage caused by 3rd party batteries is not covered by warranty.

Well, yes, but everyone always claims to not be using a third party battery. "Oh no, I was using the battery that came with it". It is like the iPhone water detector; everyone always claims they didn't drop it in the pool. The circuitry makes the problem go away. Until someone duplicates it, of course.

I assume Panasonic would just deny the repair until further examination of the offending battery (proof of OEM failure). I would think they would definately try to remove faulty equipment from circulation. This argument can go on forever and I don't work for Panasonic, nor have any loyalty towards Panasonic.

I worked in a camera store for some years. There would still be cement dust > embedded in the camera while the person was insisting they didn't drop it. I am
sympathetic to manufacturers in this regard. Of course, I also look forward to a

Are you saying that you can't trust some customers? There is just as likely to be an honest customer as a dishonest one. Only Panasonic is doing the battery thing (for cameras as you pointed out). Does the E-P1 work fine with generic batteries? Doesn't seem like they have been forced to make "so many repairs" caused by all those generic batteries....... How about Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony.... ?

quality, cheap 3rd party battery that will work in my GH1

If you can find a copy of the initial 1.2 upgrade before they reposted the crippled version, you could use 3rd party batteries. The Japanese website had the generic friendly version up longer and may still be up. Wouldn't it be nice to have 2 or 3 spare batteries for the price of one? At your own risk, of course. I for one am willing to take that risk.

Also, why would Panasonic lock out 3rd party batteries that have protection circuitry?

Because it isn't verifiable.

Like most car batteries? Laptop batteries? Phone batteries?


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