I thought third party batteries didn't work for the G1?

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Re: corporate greed

P. Kierstead wrote:

Actually, I think their real reason is related to warranty returns; they got sick of fixing camera's damaged by third party batteries.

This came up in discussions before and is not the case. Damage caused by 3rd party batteries is not covered by warranty. In regards to safety, most of the cases of exploding laptop and cell phone batteries have been OEM batteries. Also, why would Panasonic lock out 3rd party batteries that have protection circuitry?

In any case, it isn't different then many printer cartridges, etc. It isn't admirable, but it isn't at all unusual either. Once can always choose a different vendor. Ideally, if you do, write them a letter and let them know; this goes miles towards a solution.

It is unusual for cameras. Panasonic looks to be a "trend-setter?"


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