What flash for A200?

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What flash for A200?

Hi all,

I'm asking this in the Sony SLR section because I think it's more of a camera specific thing rather than a lighting technique thing.

I have an A200 which I mostly use outside but occasionally take family portraits with. At the moment I use a bit of a lash-up for flash which consists of an old

sunpak auto-thyristor candlestick flash on it's own tripod, triggered off a delayed optical sync unit.

I put a piece of card in front of the A200 flash because the preflash always causes the subject to shut their eyes, the sunpak then trigges off the main flash leaking from the side of the card, providing the lighting for the scene ( I usually bounce it off a white card to give softer pictures).

Obviously I have to set exposure up manually because the sunpak dictates it's own power, and there's a bit of trial and error involved but I'm OK with that.

Anyhoo, what I want is an on-camera flash to provide main diffused lighting so the sunpak can be used more creatively as the slave.

I want a flash which only fires once (no pesky pre-flash) with the built in flash down. Is this even possible? I have no idea, the stuff I've read about various units is extremely confusing.

It can be automatic, ie. adjusting it's power for the correct exposure, but I want it to take into account the slave flash additional lighting so as not to over-expose everything. It can also be manual, so I can just carry on with the trial and error approach. It needs to tilt upwards but doesn't need zoom or swivel.

I don't want to spent £300 on a Sony flash for something I may only use occasionally, other choices seem to be:

Sunpak RD2000 - low GN but I'm going to be close anyway
Jessops 360AFD - some doubts about build quality
Metz 36-AF - don't know much about this one

Will any of the above do what I want, or will all of them do it and i'm just thinking things are more complecated than they are?

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