Katzeye Focusing screens

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Re: Katzeye Focusing screens

iono sir...I can easily force the camera, in many situations, to show a difference between center vs spotted. Even though the 'spot' is big, all it takes is a very bright or dark subject in spot metering to completely throw things off guard.

Philnw2 wrote:

I had the Katzeye with optibright on K10 and now have transferred it to my K20. I like it a lot. I normally use AF on the lens if it has it. But there are times when AF is not practical, like late at night, where the Katz eye comes through.

The spot metering on the dslr will not work well with any split screen out there, but sector metering or center weighted work just fine. With today's digital cameras, i don't find spot metering to be very essential as one can try different exposures at no cost until you get the right exposure zeroed in. I even went around my house, indoors and outdoors, comparing spot metering to the other two metering methods, and quite often, there was little difference betwee the 3 methods.

Get the Katzeye and shift to center or sector and I think you will be happy with the results like i was.

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