Black Rapid users - is it stable?

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I bicycle with mine

I've found the following

I've had no issues with it rotating, the back of the camera itself rests against the body, this is enough to prevent it from rotating about.

The only time i've had rotational problems, are when bicycling - because the camera can bump away from my body when I hit rough terrain. - but this rotation is only a problem in that the camera itself "slips" along the strap (like it's supposed to) and ends up at my side, instead of on my back.

The solution, was to wear the strap backwards (putting the lock on the strap that stops the sliding (I don't know what that piece is called), infront of the camera - this made it completely stable, even when bicycling dirt paths in the mountains at fairly unsafe speeds.)

Personally, I love the system.
A poor photographer blames his tools.

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