Another 100-400 Sharpness question.

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Re: why dont' you

Thanks for your replies.

I have done many tests. I've copied Romy's test of the $1 bill at 12ft (except mine is not a very crisp new bill. Being in the UK I have mostly £ & €!).

I can get close to his results. What I haven't done is copy his process exactly. I tend to shoot RAW. I will repeat his test with JPEG and with sharpening set at 5 as he did. I suspect the results will be closer still.

This still does not answer the distant subject case. The difference does seem more obvious near infinity.

My lens does need -15 in MFA adjust on my 50D which seems quite extreme.
Maybe the focus is shifting from close to far?

Another thought I had was, of course, the 100-400 will seem sharper on a FF compared to 1.6 crop. This will make a big difference I guess.

Maybe I will try shooting more real-world examples after re-adjusting MFA for further subjects.

Thanks again.

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