Flash for T1i - best cost x benefits considering 18-200 lens

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Re: Flash for T1i - best cost x benefits considering 18-200 lens

Hi Frank.

There is no "recommended flash for a given lens". You can combine flashes and lenses as you like. An stronger flash will be stronger with any lens, an slow lens will be slow with any flash. Also all reasonable flashes (including the two you mentioned) have zoom heads operating in the 24-105mm range (35mm equivalent).

About your choices:

  • the 430EX-II has better built quality, is regarded as recycling faster and is Canon-branded.

  • the Metz 48AF-C has slightly more power, more features and is cheaper than the Canon 430EX-II - what results on better cost-benefit. Metz is a quality flash-maker (some of their units are rebranded by Leica).

  • you might also consider the Sigma 530DG-Super: it is price-wise close to the 430EX-II but power- and feature-wise closer to the much more expensive 580EX-II. It is bulkier though.

Good luck!

FrankAv wrote:

Dear friends:

I'm new in the field.

Certainly there is "mininum recommended correspondence" between flashes capacity (power) and focal of the lens.

I read some advices for T1i, for general purpose photography, of 430EX or the equivalent Metz (Metz 48AF-C).

Are they "recommended" for lens like Canon 18-200 or Tamron 18-270?

Thank your for your advices.

Best regards,


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