Canvas Prints, Do you spray them with anything to protect?

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Re: Canvas Prints, Do you spray them with anything to protect?

Traditionally you would coat before mounting. Using a varnish or a veneer like Glamour II for instance. You could spray coat, it keeps more of the photographic look vs painting. The idea of coating before mounting has to do with the surface popping or cracking when stretched, coating reduces this happening.

Canvas today is much better than in the past, canvas stock like Premier Art water resistant canvas probably could live without a coating quite well. I like the traditional look though and extra protection, sometimes I spray coat, other times I roll on a veneer coat. I most always coat with something, not always gloss.

Legions Premium or Professional canvas tends to pop, it's a matte coated canvas that I actually kind of like but rarely use ( I like it's fine texture). I like Breathing Colors matte a bit better, it's a dead ringer for Premier Arts Gloss but in a matte finish.

An unfinished canvas is unfinished IMO !

David G.

bethels70 wrote:

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone sprays a protectant gloss, or scotchguard type thing on their canvas prints after mounting? I havnt as yet, but haveing only had the printer since January, I dont think my prints have been done long enough to see if there would be a lot of fading in a short amount of time and the room is fairly dark with artificial light. I know I did some tests on a scrap/failed print I did, and it appears to be very water resistant, ( I dipped it in a sink of water, and it didnt run and dried fine.) I kind of like the finish I get without anything but if I am going to sell them, I wanted to find out if I should use something. I bought a tin of spray the other day, that is for spraying on Laser prints, canvas artwork etc etc, and I sprayed it on one of our canvases and I think I was a little heavy handed and it marked it. We have also used it on Glossy prints and it seems fine, it makes the print feel rougher to touch. Anyway any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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