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Re: Same Problem but I want an EVF

RedFox88 wrote:

Then you haven't read much. Removing the mirror of an SLR vastly changes how a camera auto focuses. I remember PopPhoto only showing auto focus testing for the G1 down to as dim light of just EV8 when they usually test auto focus down to EV -1. That is their way of saying the G1 focuses poor in lower light levels. And EV7 isn't a dark room at all.

For accuracy's sake, PopPhoto said that in the field they were able to focus below EV0, although it was slower and wider area than in bright light. So yes, worse than phase detect, but not by 8 stops, and not a problem for a vast majority of shooting conditions.

What's more relevant, is that AF has nothing to do with EVF. Sony A350, 380, 550, Olympus E330 have live view off a secondary sensor and phase detect AF. So they are not mutually exclusive.

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