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Re: Same Problem but I want an EVF

Tortellino wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Digital Dick wrote:

I won't buy another camera without an EVF.

There's the panasonic G1, olympus pen cameras. One has an EVF the other only has LCD viewfinder. On both cameras focusing is a big step back from an SLR especially in lower light situations.

You are the first person I see saying that G1 EVF is worse for focusing.

Then you haven't read much. Removing the mirror of an SLR vastly changes how a camera auto focuses. I remember PopPhoto only showing auto focus testing for the G1 down to as dim light of just EV8 when they usually test auto focus down to EV -1. That is their way of saying the G1 focuses poor in lower light levels. And EV7 isn't a dark room at all.

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