7D dynamic range?

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Using the masked pixels

John Sheehy wrote:

They are linear. Remember "y=ax+b"? "b" is the blackpoint offset. The function y is linear

The pixel value is not a function; it is the variable in functions, like WB application.

Canon only uses it globally

I wonder how you know this. I am asking it seriously.

In any event, you must discard a certain number of outliers when using the masks, as the samples are too small to hide the wilder ones

I do, and I think ACR does too; I define firm lower and upper limits per camera model for the acceptable masked pixel values. I am lazy to make a test for the verification, how much the global average would change if the extreme values too were regarded in the calculation. Particularly the 5D2 has many such pixels at high ISOs - there can be thousands with the value under 800, hundreds of them being zero.

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