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Re: Problem Re: PMA and want your opinions

I also was unable to specify what I wanted in the camera features section, if everyone has the same problem the surveyors will certainly get stilted results, especially as there are some glaring omissions (such as those highlighted by NIK11) in the pre-set options. I also felt that the survey did not give me the opportunity to convey my opinions, experience etc of photography in a way that is likely to be accurately interpreted.

Kuivaamo wrote:

As someone who's conducted a consumer survey on digital photography (at an academic level) I know that designing a good questionnaire is difficult. But that one was certainly an elementary mistake, and should not have passed even preliminary testing. Overall the questionnaire left me wondering whether the results will give the clients the answers they were looking for.

NIK11 wrote:

Dear DPRE,
Have just tried your survey and it seems to me to be flawed.

In the section that asks for the 3 features you would like to see improved on your camera none of my preferences appear in the options list - OVF/faster AF/better ergonomics.

Upon selecting the option 'other (specify)', it wont allow me to specify anything.

Is this an error, or do the sponsors want skewed results?


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