Problem Re: PMA and want your opinions

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Re: Problem Re: PMA and want your opinions

joneikifi wrote:

  1. Programmability

  2. Open interfaces

  3. No crippling in software

There is a computer in the camera. I want to use it without having to reverse-engineer the firmware like CHDK or Magic Lantern. I also would like to interface the camera to other equipment I have, and if the hardware is capable of something I want it to be supported.

Sometimes image quality comes first, sometimes speed or ease of use, but when I need this there is nothing out there short of building my own camera.

I guess features like these would give the marketing department nightmares.

Not to mention the legal department in trying to create a legally binding warranty against a camera thus modifed as well as covering their copyrights when the firmware is accessible; the service departments for repairing and supporting products that can have 100,000 different configuation variations (see: Microsoft Windows); dealers when offering after-sales support...

Honestly, in the Real World, the idea just isn't possible.

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